SMG Web Design Services

  • Domain Registrations: We will help identify a website domain name that best represents the identity of your organization.
  • Hosting Services:   State-of-the-art, reliable, hosting service for your website.
  • Website Design:   Custom website designed around your logo, themes, requirements and desires.
  • Website Development:   A good website is coded to industry standards and optimized for search results.
  • Search Engine Optimization:   Each page utilizes proper coding, meta tags, and key words for better search results.
  • Website Analytics:   Reports of your website usage are created to assist with your marketing plans.
  • Social Media Guidance:   Is social media for your organization? We can help you decide and set up for you.
  • Marketing Guidance:   A website is just another marketing tool. How can you drive users to it? We can give advice on this.
  • Marketing Packages:   Packages are available for websites, business cards, brochures and on-line marketing.